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Welcome to the funniest blog at BlogSavy! Here you’ll find some of the best jokes from around the internet or heard by word of mouth, all compiled neatly in categories so that you can go straight to the funny stuff that interests you.


Ha Ha JokeAnd I’ll tell you what, if you’re not completely satisfied with your visit we’ll refund the money you spent reading our site… how’s that for a guarantee? But seriously, we won’t be giving any money away because… well, we’re not charging you anything. We went through literally thousands of jokes and other humor posts to find only the good ones, so you don’t ask for your two minutes back.

You’ll find blonde, dirty and clean, lawyers and doctor jokes and all kinds of other witty humor. We post a few of the best funnies we can find, along with a brief description of what the page is about. We’ll go back here and there and revise the jokes posted on the pages we’ve written so it stays fresh. We want to really be a good place to check out if you’re bored, besides your boss really doesn’t expect you to be working does he? Lol.

The idea behind posting our own selection of jokes was, a jokes site a bit different from the rest. They post loads of jokes, we just don’t have the time to do that – so we figured if we posted only the best of each type then it’d be “our thing.” I do hope that you enjoy the jokes we post and that you check back often for updates.

So since you’re here, have a look over on the right side of the page and drill down to your favorite clean or dirty jokes, yo mama and even the best Chuck Norris jokes of all time! If you’re a joke fan, you can’t beat it. Unless you’re Chuck Norris, of course, since he can beat anything.