Best Jokes

There are some truly stupid jokes out there that some people consider funny. And then there are just some that are considered to be so funny that we can’t help but spread them through e-mail, twitter, and myspace. We have a few of the best jokes that you will love!

Is He Dead?

Two hunters were walking through the woods and following the trail of deer when one of them fell down to the ground. His friend looked at him and saw that he wasn’t breathing and that his eyes rolled back into his head.

The other hunter pulled out his cell and called 911. He told the operator, “I think my friend is dead! What can I do?”

The operator said, “Calm down sir. First you need to make sure that he is dead.” there was silence and then a shot rang through the phone.

The hunter came back on the phone and said, “Now what?”

All Around Pen

When NASA started to send astronauts into space they learned that it was impossible to use ballpoint pens when there was no gravity. In order to fix the problem the scientists that worked for NASA spent years and billions of dollars to fix the problem.

They were able to create a pen that could work in space, under water, and could write on anything no matter what temperature it was.

The Russians spent two minutes replacing their pens with pencils.

Where’s The Paper?

A General in the Army noticed that one of his soldiers in his platoon was always acting weird. He would pick up every paper he saw, read it, and then put it back down saying, “That isn’t it!”

This happened for a long time before he had a psychologist come and examine him. The psycologist told the General that the soldier was deranged and arranged discharge papers for the soldier.

The soldier picked up the papers and said, “That’s it!”