Christian Jokes

There are many different types of religious jokes – but most of them are centered around Christians and the people associated with this particular religion. As such we thought it was fitting to provide a few clean Christian jokes for those who enjoy them.

On Sunday morning pastor Joe told the congregation, “Today I have three different sermons with me. The first is $100 and is only five minutes. The second is $50 and is fifteen minutes. The last is $10 and is a whole hour. We well now take the collections to see which one I will be delivering.”

The other day a pastor was in his office when someone from his congregation stopped by. “If I smoke will I still go to heaven?” he asked. The pastor said, “Of course. If you smoke you will get there a whole lot sooner.”

In the beginning God created the earth before resting. Then he created man and rested. After that he created woman. Since that time nether God nor man has been able to rest.

Funny Church Bulletin Mistakes

  • Barbara is still in the hospital and requires blood donors for transfusions. She is having trouble sleeping and has asked for tapes of Pastor Rick’s sermons.
  • The pastor will be preaching is farewell sermon. After this the choir will sing “Break Forth Into Joy.”
  • Keep in your prayers the people who are sick of our community.
  • George Whitman and Karen Carter got married on October 24th in this church. This ends a friendship that started in their school days.
  • There will be a bean supper on Tuesday night in the church hall. Music will follow.
  • During the evening service the topic will be “What is Hell?” Come early and listen to the choir practice.
  • There are eight new choir robes that we need due to the addition of new members and the deterioration of older ones.
  • Those of you who have kids and don’t know it can use the nursery downstairs.