Dumb Jokes

There are smart people and then there are those people who think they are smart even though they don’t have a clue what they are saying. These dumb people are everywhere and often easy to spot. Of course they are also very easy for us to make fun of!

Dumb Short Jokes

  • A manager had an applicant come in and apply for a job. Before he could be hired he had to take a drug test – which came back positive. The manager told him, “I am sorry but we can’t hire because your drug test came back positive and we have a drug free environment.” The applicant waited a moment and asked, “Can you tell me which one showed up?”
  • A teenage girl had brought her new boyfriend to meet the parents before they went to the prom. They were not too pleased with his crazy Mohawk, tattoos, and the many piercing. The girl’s mother said to her, “Honey he doesn’t look like a nice boy!” “C’mon Mom,” said the daughter. “If he wasn’t nice he wouldn’t be doing 500 hours of community service!”
  • There was a tour bus in Runnymede, England that made a stop where the Magna Carta had been signed. One of the passengers asked, “When did they sign it?” “In 1215,” the guide said. “Darn! We missed it by only ten minutes!”
  • A customer walked into a bookstore and after twenty minutes asked the sales associate for help. “Do you have the original book of Romeo And Juliet,” she asked. “My daughter has to have it for school and I can only find the play.”
  • A librarian was hiring someone new to help out during the summer. To make sure that they are able to learn the ropes in a comfortable fashion she asked them what types of supervision they would need. One young man answered, “I always wanted Superman’s x-ray vision!”