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Hair Removal For Women

Men are extremely lucky because in order to remove the hair on their face (yes it is the only part of their body they have to worry about). Women on the other hand have to worry about how to remove the hair on their legs, armpits, Joke Of The Dayand the more private areas.  One of the more painful hair removal methods is waxing.

This is of course a device that was created by someone who loved pain and wanted others to experience it like they did. Waxing is quite unpleasant and it can be difficult for any women to even think about using it down there let alone going through with it. What women do for beauty!

One particular night a women decided she was going to use the cold wax kits where all you have to do is rub the wax strips in your hands to get them warm and then put them on your skin.

When it was warm enough she pulled the strips apart and lifting one foot onto the toilet placed them in the necessary area. It was a long strip and she wasn’t sure how painful it was going to be – but she was bracing herself for it. She took a deep breath and then “Rip!” she pulled it off blinded from the pain. A minute later she opened her eyes only to find that no hair was removed. The pain was all for nothing!

She looked down and saw that the wax had not even been removed and was still stuck to her. She put her foot down to stabilize herself and get the box it came in – but this was the worst thing to do. Now the wax was sticking to her other leg and she had sealed her butt closed completely!

In a spur of the moment decision she decides that the only thing that will melt the wax and unglue her butt is to use hot water. She draws a bath with the hottest water she can stand and sits down. Unfortunately this had the opposite effect and she ended up by gluing herself to the bottom of the tub instead. Now not only has she glued herself together and to the tub – but she is sitting in scalding water with nowhere to go!

Stealthily she reaches for the box that the wax came in to see if there was a solution for her problem. She looks inside only to find that there is special lotion – which is used to remove the wax in emergencies like this. With nothing left to do she applies the lotion and lets out a horrified scream that is sure to wake the kids.

Despite the pain the wax did come off and her legs were once again separated from each other. She looked down and was horrified to see that through all of this pain and torture the hair was still firmly in place! With nothing left to do she grabs the razor and wonders why she just didn’t stick to this plan in the first place!