Mexican Jokes

It seems that more and more Mexicans are finding their way across the US border and we can see them all over the place. Although there is nothing necessarily wrong with them we still can’t help but throw a few Mexican jokes out there to share.

One Liner Jokes

  • Why was there only 5,000 Mexican soldiers during the Alamo?
    The soldiers only had two vans.
  • What is a group of stoned Mexicans
    Baked beans
  • Why do Mexicans not cross the border in groups of 3’s.
    Because the sign says no trespassing.
  • What is Mexican basketball called
    Juan on Juan
  • There was a two care pile up in the parking lot of Wal-Mart.
    40 Mexicans were injured.

Border Patrol

There was a U.S. border patrol officer that managed to catch an illegal alien that was trying to cross through a small bush by the fence. “You know the law. You need to go back across the border.”

The Mexican is upset and pleads with the officer to let him stay. “Pleeze senior! I must stay here!”

The border patrol decided to have some fun and tells him that he can stay if he uses three English words in a sentence knowing that he would never be able to do it. The Mexican agrees.

The agent says, “You need to use Green, Pink, and Yellow in a sentence.”

The Mexican thinks for a few minutes and then says, “The phone went green, green and I Pink it up and then sayz Yellow?”