One Liner Jokes

Sometimes we like ‘em short and sweet! One liner jokes are perfect for those times when you need to impress a girl on the spot or just try to come up with a joke that will get everyone’s attention. Whatever the reason is we have them!

Q. What should you call a woman who only has one leg?
A. Ilene

Q. Why are boys like parking spaces?
A. All the good ones are taken.One Liner Jokes

Q. Why do men prefer to marry virgins?
A. They don’t like to hear criticism all the time.

Q. What is the difference between a Southern and Northern fairy tale?
A. Northern fairy tale starts with, “Once upon a time…”
Southern fairy tale starts with, “Y’all ain’t gonna believe this crap…”

Q. What do you call two players who are Mexican and playing basketball?
A. Juan on Juan

Q. Did you see the new Divorce Barbie?
A. She comes with all of hers and Ken’s stuff.

A. What Is Iraq’s national bird?
A. Duck!

Light is able to travel faster than sound
Maybe that is why some people seem bright until they start to talk.

Last night my wife asked me what was on the television
I said dust!