Political Jokes

Politicians play a very influential part in how the country runs – or at least they think they do. Though there are one or two who have done some good we still can’t help but find some jokes and funny things to say about them.

Who Would Be President

Hilary and Bill Clinton were driving down a back road when they stopped at a gas station.

The person that was filling their car up said hello to Hilary and told her that they had gone to high school together. She recognized him and said that she remembered this.

When they left Bill turned to Hilary and said, “If you had married him instead of me you would not have been married to a President.”

Hilary looked out the window and said, “Yes I would. He would have been President instead of you.

Ultimate Career Test

A boy was about to graduate from high school and his parents were trying to decide what career path he was going to choose. They decided to test him by setting a twenty dollar bill, a Bible, and a bottle of whiskey on the kitchen table.

They went inside of the pantry in the hopes that their son would return home soon and would think he was alone. The father explained to his wife that if he were to take the money he would be a businessman, if he were to take the Bible he would be a clergyman, but if he were to take the whiskey he would be a drunk.

The parents heard their son coming up the drive and went to hide in the pantry. As they looked through the peephole they saw their son enter the kitchen and read a note they left saying that they were not home.

They then watched as he took up the dollar bill, examine it, and put it in his pocket. He then picked the Bible up, looked through it, and put it in his pocket. When he got to the whiskey he opened it, smelled to make sure it was good, and then took it with him and the other items into his room.

The father said, “It’s even worse then we thought!”

“Why?” asked the wife.

“He is going to be a politician!” said the father.