Practical Jokes

Remember those times in high school and college where you would do truth or dare or prank phone calls? While these were fun they were very simple and think back on it they were kind of lame. We have some truly great practical jokes that are fun and some of the best to do on friends and family. Just be careful because you might make a few people mad.

Sale Ad

The best way to pull off the perfect practical joke is to do it right and not get caught. One of the more unique ways is to put a free add in the newspaper and have it be a sale ad. This sale add needs to have something rare or very expensive – but with a price that is unbeatable. Have it sound something like this:

Brand new Nintendo Wii and three games for sale for only $50. For more information call 333-3333.

Before you know it your friends will be getting phone calls around the day and night and will be confused on how someone was able to get their phone number confused with it. For some people the phone calls will be so constant that they will have to take the phone off the hook.

If you want to play the joke on more then one person you can tell them that another mutual friend put out the ad. Hopefully they will want revenge and do the exact same thing.

Halloween Horror

Halloween is one of the best holidays when we were kids because it was the one time out of the year that we could dress up and get as much free candy as we wanted. Unfortunately those days are over – but it only means that we get to do something even better. Tis the season to scare people out of their minds!

Have a bench sitting on the front lawn next to the porch steps. All night you can be sitting on the bench dressed up as a scarecrow and wearing a face mask and something over your hair. Make sure to slumped over so no one thinks it is a real person. Also make sure that there is very little light shining on you.

When the kids walk back down the stairs after getting the candy you can jump up and scare them out of their mind. You might feel a little guilty – but that feeling will pass.