Teacher Jokes

We are thankful for the many teachers who had to put up with us for twelve long years (or longer for some of us). We know how difficult it was on them to have us disrupting the class and always making the excuse that “Our dog ate the homework.” Because of all the slack we gave them we have some funny teacher jokes that will make it all up to them!

Short Teacher Jokes

  • A student called into school as his father in the hopes of getting out of school that day. “My son had the flu and can’t make it to school today,” he said. “Who is this speaking,” said the secretary. “This is my father!”
  • A mother picked her son up from school and began to ask him about his day. “How do you like your new teacher,” she asked. “I don’t. She told me to sit in the front of the class for the present. But then she didn’t end up by giving me one!”
  • “I don’t want to go to school,” said a son to his father. “Why not,” asked the father. “I don’t feel well.” “Where don’t you feel well,” the father asked. “At school!”
  • A student called her best friend and said that she had some great news. “The teacher told me that we had to do a test today in rain or shine,” she told her. “Why is that great,” her friend asked. “It’s snowing today!”

Teacher’s Pet

At the end of the school tear the kindergarten was saying farewell and accepting small gifts from her pupils who were sad to be leaving.

The son of the florist handed her something – which she took and held over her head. “I know what this is. It’s flowers!”

“Yes,” said the boy. “How did you know that?”

“Just a guess,” she told him.

The next student was the daughter of the candy shop owner. The teacher took her gift and once again placed it over her head. “I know what this is,” she said. “A box full of candy!”

“Yes,” said the daughter. “How did you know that?”

“Just a guess,” she told her.

The next student was the son from the owner of the liquor store. The teacher took the gift and placed it over her head again and found that it was leaking. She touch the drop that fell on her hand and placed it on her tongue.

“Is it wine?”

“No,” said the boy, who was excited that she couldn’t guess.

The teacher then tried to taste even more of the leakage. “What about champagne?”


“I give up,” said the teacher.

With excitement the boy told her, “It’s a puppy!”