Women Jokes

Women are great are they not? Some are housewives, businesswoman, and most of them can cook a really great meal. but every now and then they find a way to get under our skin when we least expect it. When this happens we can’t help but poke some fun at them. Remember they are all for fun!

You’re A Woman If…

  • You tell your husband nothing is bothering you and then get mad when he believes you.
  • You like a man who loves to party – but become agitated when you start dating him and he doesn’t stop this.Women Jokes
  • You take more than an hour to prepare each evening.
  • When you are tired it is because you have done many things around the house and work. When your
    husband is tired you think he is lazy.
  • If your husband gives you space he is ignoring you
  • If your husband gives you attention he is smothering you.

Womanly Understanding

  • The facial expressions made by cats.
  • Why they need to have the same style of shoe in a variety of colors.
  • What fat clothes are.
  • The contrast between off white, eggshell, and beige.
  • How cutting bangs will make them grow.
  • How inaccurate every bathroom scale ever made is.

Advice From Men To Women

  • If you think you are fat than you are so stop asking us.
  • If the toilet seat is up then put it down. If you don’t know how then learn.
  • We don’t always think about you.
  • Sunday is sports day in the home
  • We don’t care what you wear.
  • You don’t need shoes in every style.
  • When you cry it is like blackmail.
  • Ask right out what you want because hints don’t work.